Karen lost his final round robin match to Coric 4-3(3) 4-2 2-4 0-4 2-4 in 1 hour…

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Karen lost his final round robin match to Coric 4-3(3) 4-2 2-4 0-4 2-4 in 1 hour 49 minutes. Karen won the first two sets and was looking good but Coric fought back with some great playing and new tactics and took the match in five sets. Karen had a 59% first serve percentage and won 72% of points behind it, which is not bad against Coric who’s a great returner. However, once again he only won 48% of second serve points, a stat that has been letting him down for a lot of the year, so hopefully he can go and work on that in the off season. Karen only won 33% of break points, not taking his opportunities like he was able to do in his previous match and only won 28% of his return points, while his opponent won 38% of return points on Karen’s faster serve. This was a significant factor in the match as Coric made 71% of first serves, meaning Karen found it difficult to break because he made first serves the majority of the time, while Karen’s low first serve percentage led to Coric pouncing on his second serve and breaking Karen to take the 3rd, 4th and 5th sets. All in all, Karen gave a good showing of himself at the first ever Next Gen ATP Finals and can be very proud. That means Karen’s 2017 season is over and it’s time for the offseason, where he can train hard to come back stronger in 2018. Karen had some great results this year against great players and all his fans are very proud of him 👍#teamkhachanov #nextgenatp

Watch Videos @ http://bit.ly/2hdvdiq


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